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Thank you for visiting my website! My name is Stephanie Hale-Brown, and I

am the owner of Key Fitness, LLC, a personal training studio in Hagerstown,



I began amateur body building and power lifting competitions over 20

years ago. My passion for physical fitness led me to become a certified

personal trainer more than 15 years ago through the American Council on

Exercise (ACE), “the universal leader in group fitness, health coach and

personal trainer certification.” To meet the needs of my clients, I have been

a practicing ACE-certified Weight Management Specialist for more than five



No matter what my clients’ needs or aspirations are, I help them achieve their

fitness goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve overall muscle

strength and/or endurance, improve cardiovascular strength or improve your

ability to function in everyday life, I will develop a training program designed

specifically with your goals in mind. My clients range from 30 to 70 years old

and have diverse fitness abilities and weight-management goals.


I focus on providing high-quality personal and group training sessions to help

all participants achieve their individual fitness goals. Because Key Fitness is a

personal training studio, you don’t have to pay membership fees but only for

your specific training session(s). You can choose from in-home or in-studio

Personal and Partner sessions, or join the in studio group classes. Whereas

other fitness clubs provide personal training in an open group setting,

Key Fitness’ Personal and Partner training sessions one-on-one with you,

your goals and the trainer only. I believe that one-on-one training

creates a fun and exciting environment while reducing any self-consciousness

some may feel about exercising in front of others. Many of my individual

training clients build up strength and confidence in themselves and then

move on to enroll in group sessions. Group classes are available throughout

the week and offer a wide array of exercises that I modify to the abilities of

the groups’ participants.


For questions or to learn more, e-mail or call me with the information listed

below.  I look forward to working with you.