Medicine Ball Monday 

Want a versatile workout?  Worked out with dumbbells and want to try something different? The medicine ball workout is just for you.  You can roll, bounce or throw the ball.  Don't like working out alone?  This is also a great way to workout with a partner.  Engage your core from different angles and put a different spin on your strength and cardio training.

Class will meet Monday at 9am & at 6pm                                           

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Tabata Tuesday  

You've heard about Tabata.  20 sec activity at 100% effort followed by 10 sec rest. 8 rounds of each exercise.  Work hard, work fast and torch those calories. 40 minute workout will include 6 minutes each of warm up and cooldown and 28 minutes of the workout.

Class will meet at 6pm.   


Core n More                                                                                     

Strength all those muscles that help you move. Need to improve balance and stability? Exercises offered can suit the beginner, novice or advanced exerciser.  The class is designed to challenge each participant to the best of their ability.  Each week the program outline changes.

Class will meet Wednesdays at 6 pm.                                                  


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Body Max

End the week with a total body strength and cardio workout.  The workout will include bodyweight, plyometric and dumbbell exercises.  A high intensity, no holds bared class.  Some workouts will be EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) workouts.  Get the exercise (s) done within the minute, you get to rest.  If not, move to the next exercise.  That's where the challenge begins. Others will be AMRAP (As Many Rounds or Reps as Possible). 

Class will meet on Fridays at 6pm


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Sandbag Saturday  

Only have time to workout on the weekend?  This program is for you.  It's a total body strength and functional training workout with a Sandbag.  This energy-intensive will take you to strength levels never imagined.  It will help you burn additional calories, reduce stress, increase energy and keep you challenged at all times.     

Class will meet at 11:00 a.m.   (sandbag provided)