Personal Trainer
Personal Training
This is working one on one with your personal trainer/coach to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Programs are designed based on your individual needs and abilities.  Personal training can be done on-line, in my studio or at participants home.  All training days are by appointment only.

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Fitness Jumpstart  - 

This program is for those new to exercise and those that have not exercised in a

several years and need guidance with their workout program.  This program gives

participants  new ways to challenge themselves and overcome plateaus.  Participants

in the program will meet with the trainer to discuss goals, complete fitness testing,

complete body composition assessment and discuss dietary needs. A weekly workout

will be provided for future reference once the program has ended. The program is a 8

week program.  The participant will meet with trainer twice a week for 8 weeks. 

Participants can register for the program one time.  If additional training sessions

are desired after the program has ended, participants will have to sign up for

individual personal training sessions or group exercise classes.  


In order for participants to be successful in the program, it is important that dietary

guidelines are followed and all scheduled appointments are kept.  Participants will be

given regular activities to complete at home.  Weigh-ins will be done prior to start of

program and every two weeks following.


Sessions will expire two weeks after the initial 8 week period.  Cancellations must be

made at least 1 hour before the scheduled time otherwise it will be considered a

billable session.  If a trainer misses a scheduled appointment, you will receive an

additional session at no charge to you.

Contact trainer to schedule assessment and training days.

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Fit for 2
Want to workout with a friend, sibling or significant other?  This program is just for you.  You and your workout partner will meet with your trainer/coach twice a week for 4 weeks. Prior to the start of the workouts, both you and your workout partner will meet to complete an assessment and discuss abilities and individual goals.  

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