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This 8 week program is for you if you are looking to make changes to your body and fitness habits. The challenge includes:

- One-on-one session to discuss your goals, determine current fitness levels and body composition. Levels and composition tested at 4 weeks then every two weeks.

- 5 day workout schedule with 3 group sessions and two at home sessions. The at home exercises are preset at repetitions and sets and will be posted biweekly. Each member will need to post the time (picture required) it took to complete the required number of sets.
** Allowed to miss 2 each of both group sessions and home workout to maintain eligibility for prize at end of program.

- Simple and sustainable habit-based nutrition guide (if needed). Each member will identify one item in their daily/weekly food intake to reduce and/or remove. (i.e. reduce the amount of soda from 32oz and day to 16oz, reduce the amount of chocolate, reduce the amount of bread eaten etc). At end of each week, post outcome.

At the end of the 8 weeks, the person who has kept all weigh -ins, workout schedule, maintained changes to food intake and has had the greatest decrease in the percentage of body fat and greatest increase in the percentage of skeletal muscle wins $400.

Fit n Ready Fitness Challenge

  • Registration  -  Dec 16, 2019 - Dec. 27, 2020

    Weigh - Ins  - Dec. 30, 2019 - Jan 3, 2020

    Class Runs - Jan 6, 2020 - Feb. 28, 2020